Sorcerer's Hat

I’ve just realised, reading the documentation, that the icon for “See Also and Classify” is supposed to depict a sorcerer’s hat.
Well, I don’t think sorcerer’s really wear a particular type of hat, but if they do it is probably more like Merlin’s pointy hat than the one in the icon.
I think what you have there is a magician’s hat: the kind of thing that one pulls a rabbit out of.

Anyway, I never really understood it was supposed to be a hat of any sort. Why not, in version 4.5 or whatever, try and find a more helpful icon? Not very urgent, of course, but it might be a usability enhancement.


I would support the suggestion looking for a better icon here (though I like the idea of the sorcerer’s hat, but would prefer a pointy one). And I would suggest replacing for the other icons beside it as well. I hit the wrong one quite often :wink:

My main problem is that they are too similar and not clear about their function:
Bild 4.png
All are some kind of square, all but one try to image the UI-result (drawer, window split, menu) but not the function. But in icon size there’s not much difference. And the drawer icon is misleading as See Also and Wordlist use both the drawer.

Some suggestions that come to my mind right now:

  • page browsing for pdf: triangle arrows up and down - no document icon as background
  • see also/classify: some kind of upward arrow (like in a traditional encyclopedia). This should be the most right icon as it is the most used. And it should get some color (yellow/orange like the score?)
  • keywords: a key? Or does that look to much like locking?
  • word list: just simple short horizontal lines
  • sidebar for pdf: as it is (but not changing status)