Sort by Date Opened

It’s possible to create a Smart Group filtering by the Date Opened field. Therefore, this information is certainly available, but it seems there’s no way to sort by Date Opened. Can you add this feature?

Since DT has no built-in history function, I’d like to create a Smart Group that would sort the database by Date Opened, essentially simulating what you’d see in a traditional browser history view.

Dig deeper.

Tools > History > …

That’s quite useful, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Nevertheless, I’d still like the option to sort by Date Opened. The History opens in a separate window, which isn’t particularly convenient. Also, when you double click on a History item, it opens yet another window!

I’ve mentioned this issue with windows in another thread. It’s disappointing that DT insists on opening so many windows, even with tabbed browsing enabled. In my view, this is not an efficient UI design, as you end up with windows covering windows, or windows floating above windows, blocking information, etc… I prefer applications to be self-contained within a single window, unless the user explicitly opens a separate window.

Ideally, the History would be a Smart Group. This would be much cleaner than having to open a separate window. Considering that DT offers sorting by Date Created, Date Added and Date Modified, it seems strange that Date Opened is not an option. Another approach would be to open the History in a drawer, similar to the See Also / Classify drawer.

Date opened is a much less frequently used criterion than the others (though I don’t see why it couldn’t be added to the Sort options).

Multiple windows can be a far easier way to pass data between databases and groups.

Well, we can agree to disagree about windows. For some it may be easier to use multiple windows, but this should be user-configurable. I’d like to have a preferences pane, where you can specify whether to open different types of items in Same Window, New Window or New Tab.

While we’re on the subject of tabs, the OPT-2Click shortcut to open an item in a new tab is non-intuitive. I’ve never heard of any other application or browser using this shortcut, so it’s non-standard and apparently non-configurable. To make matters worse, there’s also a CMD-click shortcut to open links in a new tab from within a view/edit pane. So we have two different shortcuts that accomplish the same thing and you have to remember which shortcut to use, depending on the context. I find myself constantly wondering, whether to OPT-2Click or CMD-click each time I need to open a new tab. This should really be consolidated into one shortcut that works in either context, and CMD-click is certainly far more standard than Opt-2Click.

Finally, getting back to the original point of this thread, yes, I’d greatly appreciate if you could add an option to sort by Date Opened. Thank you.

A future release will support this.

It’s almost three years later. Do you think this “future” release will occur in our lifetimes? :laughing:

Sure. Because it’s already working over here for some time but part of a larger upgrade :open_mouth:

Sounds good, thanks!

So, realizing your need to avoid the “Osborn Effect,” is there a bone you might toss our way regarding a significant new release now that you’ve got DTTG playing well with DT? :slight_smile:

Sorry, but no. We do not comment on timeframes for Development, for your sake and ours. Just know we are hard at work.