Sort files as in excel

Is possible to sort files using multiple values?

I mean:

  1. sorf for Tags;
  2. then, if tags is the same, sort for Name;
  3. and so on.

Is there a way?

Multiple sorts are not currently possible.

As usual, I can come up with a kludge that can accomplish at least some of the purposes for which multiple sorts may be useful. :slight_smile:

Perform a sort of any kind. Select the range of items that meet some criterion. Replicate the selected items to new group. In the new group, apply a different sort. And so on. For some recipes, add a search or two and stir.

For example, if I want to identify the PDFs in my database that were added to my database in 2010, and that have a word count between 1,000 and 3,000 I could open the History view, sort by Kind, select the PDFs and replicate them to another group, then sort in that group by Date Added and select those that were added in 2010, replicating them to another group (or deleting the replicants of those outside the desired range), then sort those by word count and segregate those that fall within the word count range.

Thanks, but your solution is not good for me.

I want multiple sort as normal way to sort every folder, not for specific folders.

Thanks anyway for the answer and i hope multiple sort will be inserted in DT, because is easy to add and very useful… :slight_smile:

Why do you assume that it’s easy to add? :slight_smile:

Because it is… :slight_smile:

The difficult is to accept to change something in the logical “structure” of DT, but nothing special…