sort one group differently from everything else


I like to keep my database sorted manually, but some groups, like the tags group, are much better in alphabetically. I can switch between sort by name and unsorted, but just wondering if there is an easier way? Is there any way to set the overall sorting setting to unsorted and a group like tags differently? Or any way to automatically “manually” sort that single group into alphabetical order? Thanks,


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I am struggling with this as well. Is there really no solution for it?

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same here… any way to sort different groups by different methods? manual, abc…

Each column of Columns view can be sorted on its own. Another possibility is to select the group in the sidebar, in this case the group’s sorting can be customized.

Changing one group sorting option will effect ALL other group as well. any workaround ?

What kind of view do you use? Expanded groups of List view don’t support individual settings.

Standart view

But which one (see View menu or path bar) - icons, list, columns or cover flow?

LIST view

The complete list view uses one sorting. One possibility is to use columns view, another one is not to expand groups in List view but to directly select them in the sidebar. In this case each group can use a different sorting in the main view.

Side bar does not allow different sorting… if I change one group than all the other will change as well. is that normal behaviour?

Where did you change the sorting? In the sidebar or in the view?

Right click on the group - sort…

Sidebar or main view (e.g. list)?

Sidebar - group

After selecting a group in the sidebar, you can change the sorting in the main view (list, icons etc.), e.g. via the contextual menu or the path bar. In this case each group remembers the setting.

This is true but then I get ALL sidebar group sorting the same way and the main view sorting differently.

Correct. You can’t have independent sort settings in the Navigate sidebar.