Sort or find by date/flatten view?

I have my DTP data organized in folder and subfolder hierarchies; like most users (I assume) I add new data to a selected folder for later reference. But what if I want to simply see everything I’ve added in the past day, week, or whatever chronologically - and have it appear in a flat hierarchy, so I don’t have to constantly open the containing folders. I just want a single window, two panes, if possible (one with the date-delimited list, and the other with a preview) of my time-stamp searched data.

can it be done? thanks!

Try Tools > History for a flat view of all contents of the database, sortable by (currently) Modification Date, Name and (using View > Columns) other metadata.

There’s not a document preview column – but you can double-click an item to open it in it’s own window.

I came up with a different method…a bit of a kludge, and it only works because I don’t use labels…just a straight-ahead search from the DTP search windows with label=none as the only criteria gives a sortable list, with a preview window.

but it does beg the question: why aren’t date-delimited searches possible in Devon? It seems a huge oversight, considering the program’s overall power and reach.

That’s a neat kludge. I rarely use labels.

But I don’t use Locking, so using that with Lock = Off gives me 21,328 results in 0.021 seconds. That flat view can be sorted in a number of ways, including Creation Date or Modification Date, etc.

But I tend to use the History tool for flat file views. For example, I can easily select and export all of the items with an “age” of 5 days or less, so that I can update my desk Mac with the items I added or modified on my MacBook Pro while on a trip.