Sort order of emojis in DEVONthink

The sort order of emojis in DEVONthink (such as sorting by Name) is a bit weird, sometimes it seems out of order. For example, :compass: (U+1F9ED) and :toolbox: (U+1F9F0) precede :rocket: (U+1F680) or :hammer_and_wrench: (U+1F6E0), while most of the time it follows the unicode order. Is it a bug or is it because it follows another rule instead of unicode? Thank you!

“Just asking for a friend” :crazy_face:

Actually DEVONthink doesn’t sort this on its own but uses macOS (actually the Foundation framework). How are these characters sorted in the Finder or other apps?

Got it, they sort the same in the Finder, thank you very much for your reply!