Sort SearchResult by Place

Hello group,

my documents are structured inside the database in different “folders”. I can see the place (= folder-path inside the DB) in detail-view, when activating the “Place” column.
(Don’t now the english name, but its the one after URL and Path.)

It is not possible to activate this column in SearchResult-view. But I would need it to sort results by place.

In normal folder-view one can activate this column - but it only makes some sense for replicates. All other files just show the place you went to. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to sort SearchResults by the place I filed the document?


You can save your search, which creates a smart group of your search criteria, and then sort the results of the smart group using the Location field. This workflow would become tiresome if you need to perform it multiple times a day, but works fine for occasional searches.

thanks Greg for the answer.

I just found out, using “Action -> Sort” from the buttonbar, you can sort by Location. Its just the column missing.


Good to know-thanks.