Sort Smart Groups

Hi…I have Smart Groups created for the Days of the Week and am wondering if there is a way to sort Smart Groups that they are in an order I specify rather than alphabetical that is done automatically?

Using View > Sort > Unsorted gives you the ability to move groups around in any order you want.

This doesn’t work for me. When I set the sort type of the containing group to “unsorted” , then I still cannot manually sort the smart groups within that group. When I try and drag one upwards, for example, the line appears to show where it is going to go, but when I release the mouse button the group just stays where it is.

Smart groups are dynamic searches and can’t be sorted manually.

To be clear, I’m not referring to sorting items with the smart groups - I’m referring to sorting the list of smart groups themselves!

This should be possible. Where exactly did you try this, e.g. in the sidebar or main view?

It’s in the main sidebar (on the left).

And did you try to sort the global smart groups or smart groups in databases? What’s the sorting of the sidebar (see contextual/action menu)?