Sort top-groups and subgroups

Hi all,
I’m having some problems to sort groups and subgroups in different ways in the 3 pane view.
DTPro manual says:

what I’d like to do is to leave the top group structure unsorted (as it allows me to sort the top groups independently and to mix groups and smart groups) but have some subgroups ordered alphabetically (as, for example the ‘quotes and notes’ group, the tags group etc. because they contain a huge number of groups that otherwise would be difficult to identify).
Is it possible? Am I missing something?

What I’m doing is select:

  • select my database without any group selected and make it unsorted
  • select a top level group and sort by name

the result is that all the database structure is sorted by name which is quite
annoying because I’m obliged to name group with numbers to sort them :cry:
Any help?

That means that the sorting of the upper/right pane is specific for each group but the left pane uses only one sorting. Therefore the only possibility is to use “Unsorted” for the left pane in your case.