Sorter 2.1: Always launches DTPO

Hi all-

Upgraded to 2.1 and have the following issue: if I drag a document into the Sorter, it launches DTPO, which is what the Sorter is supposed to render unnecessary.

Is there some new preference I’m missing here, or is anyone else experiencing this? (Obviously not, as I’m sure there’d be a post on the subject…)

Best, Charles

Hi Charles

This is not the normal expected behaviour, does it happen with all types of document?


Hi Alan-

Thanks for your interest. Definitely PNGs, but my memory is bad about other types.

I’ll run a test, and I’m also installing onto a new computer, so I’ll report back the results of both those situations.

Best wishes, Charles

Charles, a long shot here but I’ll mention that double-clicking on a group in the Sorter will open DEVONthink to that group. When doing this, the Sorter stays expanded as a visual indicator that DEVONthink has launched. Just something to look for to see if the Sorter is somehow interpreting a document dragged into it as a double-click.

I have the same problem (along with the disappearing sorter issue), and it happens no matter the type of document.

Hi Alan-

Not good news unfortunately. A fresh DTPO install on my new Mac Pro has the Sorter starting up DTPO when I drag screenshots (PNG) and PDFs into its InBox.

Here’s the console output related to DTPO. Looks like there’s a message from the kernel. :wink:

6/5/11 11:04:42 AM	DEVONthink Sorter[1652]	DTRecordsPboardType DevonThinkPro2RecordPboardType
6/5/11 11:04:42 AM	DEVONthink Sorter[1652]	DTRecordsPboardType DevonThinkPro2RecordPboardType
6/5/11 11:09:53 AM	DEVONthink Pro[1634]	Sorter registered for startup: No for URL:file://localhost/Applications/
6/5/11 11:10:28 AM	kernel	CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page(0x1000): p=1678[DevonThinkHelper] clearing CS_VALID
6/5/11 11:11:16 AM	mdimport[1690]	Paths: id(501) (
    "/Library/Spotlight/Microsoft Office.mdimporter",
    "/Library/PreferencePanes/Default Folder X.prefPane/Contents/Resources/Default Folder X",
    "/Applications/DEVONthink Spotter.mdimporter",
6/5/11 11:11:16 AM	kernel	CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page(0x1000): p=1689[DevonThinkHelper] clearing CS_VALID
6/5/11 11:13:12 AM	kernel	CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page(0x1000): p=1704[DevonThinkHelper] clearing CS_VALID

Best wishes, Charles

Hi Charles

Thanks for the console logs, I will take a look at what is causing the problem today.


Hi Charles

Just a thought, do you run DEVONthink Personal as well as DEVONthink Pro?


Sorry, I don’t. Just DTPO.

Best, C.

Perhaps this is of some help: an FSEvents log of dragging a PNG file onto the Inbox in the sorter and the resultant launch of DTPO:


HTH, Charles

From what I can tell, this is fixed in 2.1.1.