Sorter 2.1

I’m having an issue with the new sorter in DTP 2.1. Prior to this version, I could have my dock on the right side and my sorter on the right side (I keep my dock small and in the bottom corner, so there was no overlap). To do this I had to move my dock to the bottom, then move the sorter to the right, then my dock back to the right. I only had to do this when an update to DTP came out.

Now, with 2.1, however, I move my dock to the bottom, then the sorter to the right, but when I move my dock back to the right, it pushes my sorter over to the left. Whatever you did to break the old behavior, can you fix it? I find that the sorter on the same side as my dock took up the least amount of screen space. On the left or bottom, it’s in my way. Thanks.


Yes, I too feel your pain B-)

It would be great if DEVONtechnologies could fix, or re-enable this.


While I too liked having both the Dock and the Sorter on the right side, technically the old behavior was broken and the behavior in 2.1 is fixed. The documentation has always stated that the Dock and the Sorter could not be on the same side.

But…they can be on the same side. The nine releases prior to 2.1 proved this. Lots of apps have drawers on the same side as the dock, e.g., DragThing.

+1 = I’m with the same-siders.

With Dock on the right, how do you mange to keep it and icons from interfering with each other? I quickly abandoned righty Dock usage because of that highly bothersome interference. A lefty Dock works best for me. :slight_smile:

Which icons-on the Desktop? That’s easy-I never, and that’s no exaggeration, never keep any documents or folders on the Desktop.

I also use this terminal command to pin the Dock to the top edge of the screen, which gave me plenty of room to have the Dock and the Sorter on the same edge of the screen.

defaults write pinning start 

Substitute end for start to pin it to the bottom, use middle to change it back to the default. If the Dock is on the bottom, start puts it on the left.

I didn’t think fixing the bug of having the sorter on the same window edge as the dock would cause a problem, so I will unfix the fix for the next release :slight_smile:


Great! Thanks Alan.

Excellent, Alan. Make the “bug” a feature. 8)

For the next update the Sorter will be able to be placed on top of the dock wether it is on the left , right or bottom. This is different to the functionality prior to v2.1 as previously you could not place the Sorter on top of the dock when it was on the bottom edge of the screen.

It will be entirely up to you where you place it now :slight_smile:



Thanks for the bug (un)fix!


Sorter placement on same side of dock (with latest update). Sits on the edge of the dock, not the edge of the screen.


Not exactly what I was looking for. :frowning:


Is the dock set to auto hide or is it out of view in the snap shot?

Sorry. It’s just out of view. Here’s what it looks like with the Dock in view.

Hi Doug

The system information describing the docks size and position reports that it takes the full screen height when the dock is placed on the left or right of the screen and the full screen width when placed at the bottom of the screen.

Whilst in your case the dock is psychically only taking up a small part of the screen height, the Sorter is using the system information that says the dock is full height. Unfortunately at present there isn’t a way to get a greater granularity of the docks size.


So, you’re saying that the “bug” that caused the old behavior was really a work of genius, and cannot be replicated? :smiley:

Thats one way of looking at it :smiley:

Unfortunately the previous behaviour which worked in your case caused its own problems in other circumstances. I will see if I can find a way to resolve both cases.


It’s been awhile since I haven’t been able to put the sorter on the same side as the dock (and have it on the actual edge of the screen - see pics above for the current behavior), and I have to say that I’m really missing the way it used to work. Now, I’m always moving the sorter tab around the screen, trying to find a place where it doesn’t interfere with other windows, but it’s always getting in the way. Please, please, please fix the sorter so it works like it used to.