Sorter alert sound in DT3?

I much prefer the Sorter solution of DT3b3 to earlier versions. The slight loss of function in no longer having the Sorter run as a standalone application (therefore not requiring DT to be open when adding items) is, for me, more than made up for by the ability to drill down through a hierarchical list of open databases. But, unless I’ve missed a preference setting somewhere, I sorely miss the little tone (alert sound) that used to play when an item was added via the Sorter. I can’t see anywhere in the application I can enable or set that sound. Because of a long-ago hand injury I don’t have fine motor control when dragging files across the expanse of my fairly large monitor; it’s not uncommon that I barely miss a specific point on the screen. An alert sound that confirmed that I had successfully added an item to a database via the sorter would provide just that extra note of security that would keep me from opening up the database to make sure that the drag was successful.

I have just added the sound effect back in when dragging content into the Sorter. It will be played when the Sorter preferences option “Play sound after Capture” is set to on.

Thanks! I’m sure that others will benefit from the feedback as well.