Sorter: An old, bad behaviour is back

In DTPO b6 an old bad behaviour of the Sorter ist back: Although I have NOT tick “Show at start” (in german: bei Systemstart einblenden), everytime I start my Mac anew, the Sorter shows again.

(I don’t need the sorter).

What to do?

This is actually an old bad problem with maintaining the Login Items through Apple’s APIs. Just go to your System Preferences, Accounts > Login Items and remove the Sorter by hand.

ah, right that was the point I could’nt remember.

Sorry and thanks Annard

Does it need to be deleted or just unchecked? I have it unchecked and it still reappears.

deleted, check only means that it will be hidden

It’s the opposite; checked Login Items will be hidden:

Login Items.png
Click the purple-circled ‘?’ Help button in the bottom right corner of the Login Items tab for more info.

right, sorry for the mistake, I made a correction.