Sorter and Clipping Problems

I seem to have multiple sorters running. Is there a way that I can make sure that doesn’t happen?

Also, and maybe this is related, when DTPO is not open and I clip something, it tries to open an older public beta version and tells me that it has expired. If I have the current version open, the clipping goes fine.

Thanks for any thoughts on those! Keith

The only way you can have multiple Sorters running is that when you manually update you don’t quit the Sorter and you don’t empty an old copy of DEVONthink from your Trash. If you use the automatic update, it will do this for you. Having the latest Sorter running will also make it connect to the latest copy of DEVONthink.
You can go to the action menu when you open the Sorter window and quit each, then go to the Dock menu of DEVONthink (or the Sorter preference pane) in order to start it again.

I keep clicking on the quit button on the preference pane and it doesn’t disappear. Isn’t it eventually supposed to change to “Show”. I tried to Quit from the Sorter itself, but it only had the option to “Hide” - which I did. Does the fact that the “Quit” button is showing in the preference pane mean that there are still sorters running? I must have made the mistake you indicated, but I did use the automatic update. What can I do to fix this, and get it in proper shape? Thanks very much!

sorter pic.tiff (68.9 KB)

There must be a Sorter running otherwise the Quit button would be replaced by a Show button. At this point you may want to restart your Mac so everything is fresh.