Sorter and tagging

Any chance of incorporating tagging capabilities into the drag-and-drop facility of the sorter, please? i.e. if I drag an email to sorter I would like a dialog to add (autocompleting) tags.

Without this, the sorter is not useful for me.

Thanks - great product in general.

FWIW - that would be a very useful addition for me as well.

Nice idea, but I think I’d rather see the “Add to DEVONthink Pro Office” (action in Mail) use the same interface as the Clip to DEVONthink widget.

Yes. This isn’t as a high a priority as the tool tip request [url]Sorter], but adding this functionality on top of that one would make the Sorter super-useful.

Yes, more tagging functionality when adding items to DT would be GREAT – in the sorter, and when dragging docs to the DT application icon, but ESPECIALLY if said functionality involved the excellent interface from the “Clip to Devonthink” Firefox widget – that’s an interface I miss every time I’m adding something that is NOT clipped from the Web!