Sorter appears on wrong monitor

I use two monitors. I want the Sorter tab on my (smaller) macbook monitor, but it shows up only on the external monitor. Can I change that?

In DT2, I could slide the sorter tab around the monitor. That doesn’t work in DT3?

Also, it acts weird. If it’s in the lower left corner of external monitor, and I try Clip to Devonthink, the sorter expands and then slides halfway onto the macbook monitor and I see only a slice of it.



I had this same problem and was helped by another person on here, I can’t remember who it was at this point. I had my monitors center aligned in System Prefs->Displays->Arrangement. So when the sorter is aligned on either side of the large monitor, it slides off into oblivion. Aligning the right sides of the monitors in Arrangement seems to have fixed this quirky behavior.

ChemBob, thanks. That helps. I also had the monitors center-aligned, one above the other. Lining them up on left side (if sorter tab is on left) causes tab to drop onto the smaller monitor.

But if it’s in the lower left on bottom monitor, and I try adding something to it, it leaps back up onto the upper monitor. This doesn’t happen if I choose center left location.

Also, I note that if I open the DT preferences window on the upper monitor, the tab appears on the upper monitor no matter what I do. I need to put the preferences window on the bottom monitor if I want the tab to live there.

Something for the DT team to look into, I suppose.

I’d still like to center-align my monitors, and use the lower left corner, but for now it’s a decent workaround.