Sorter Auto Off?

Everytime I boot/login my mac, with DevonThink a login item, I have to manually turn off the sorter. It always seems to default to being “on” each time.

I’d like to do it once and have it remember. Is that possible? Currently I am turning it off with Preferences > Sorter > Quit.

– Gerry

It will be in your login items under System Preference -> Accounts -> (user)

That should stop it from loading up at boot.

A mistunderstanding, Chatoyer: I want it to auto-run DevonThink. I don’t want the sorter to be turned on anew everytime it does.

Again, everytime I reboot, DevonThink reverst to Sorter: On. I have to go to my preferencs and click the “quit” button.

I’d like that preference aspect to “stick”.

– Gerry

Remove the DEVONthink Sorter app, not the main DEVONthink app, from Login Items.

Yikes! I didn’t realize that the Devon Sorter program was in there as its own program. Thanks!

– Gerry