Sorter - black note taking area

A few times I have tried to take a quick note in the sorter and the notes area is black - not able to see any text. If I quit DT and reopen it the sorter view is as expected. Anyone else have this problem?

When do you get this problem? Is after changing from dark to light appearance mode?

No, seems random. After a DT restart it is fine…

Thanks I will take a look.

I’m still randomly having this problem - have you managed to replicate it?

Having seen that last year a lot, I found it impossible to replicate, but saw it in prior releases of MacOS and DEVONthink. No longer seeing it MacOS 11.4 and DEVONthink 3.7.2. That being said, I think the issue is related to Mac’s DarkMode and probably the video driver on Mac. I’ve turned off automatic dark/light and stick on light on all devices and haven’t see return of of the black DEVONthink sorter. I haven’t the foggiest, though, if that truly the fix. Just what I see.

I’m having the problem with my settings set to light mode…

well, that’s one hypothesis disproved!

I haven’t been able to reproduce your issue, however I have added a change that I hope will fix the issue. This will be included in the next update.

Thank you. Any timescales? I know it’s a relatively small issue, but it is very annoying :slight_smile:

We don’t make development timelines publicly available. This is a well known policy of ours.
I will say we are hard at work on internal betas right now.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Ok, completely understand.