Sorter: Capture content from: Unable to clip from Firefox

Can’t figure out why DEVONthink throws an error and fails to capture a page from Firefox after it has been granted the access in
System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Automation…
Yet macOS shows the error “Unable to clip from Firefox. Check DEVONthink has rights to access the web browser and that the active tab has a URL.”
Though no such problem with other browsers (Safari and Chrome).

I tried below but it didn’t help:

  1. diskutil resetUserPermissions / id -u
  2. tccutil reset AppleEvents
  3. same issue on another (new) user account on the same Mac.
  4. deleted and downloaded latest Firefox app and created new profile

Any advice what else I can try to fix this issue with access to Firefox?

I do not have this issue at all on my mac, clipping works fine.
Nor do i have any Firefox app into Security …/Automation tab for devonthink 3…


Yes if you capture from a browser you don’t need to grant access.
But I’m talking about the issue with new capture method in DT3 through Sorter.

Sorry, I see now (I was using old version of sorter). I have exactly the same issue than you. It seems it is a bug (reproductible). This works fine with Chrome but not with Firefox. I just submitted the bug if you did not did it before.

Guys, Firefox got a certified problem and absolutely all extensions stopped working.

Perhaps this is your problem.

Read here:

That’s certainly a possible cause. I’m seeing no Console errors for DEVONthink 3, but the issue is present in a virgin install.

No, this issue was present before Firefox certificate problem and is unrelated.

Thank you for confirming the issue in not limited to my installation…

No problem. However, it also doesn’t point directly to DEVONthink as the culprit. Firefox and Chrome are both notoriously bad at inter-application communication. We will check and see if this is a Sorter issue.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thanks for looking into this - any updates? I was hoping that the Beta 2 would fix this, but I am still unable to grant DTP3 access :frowning: