"Sorter could not be saved" evil message

My Mac’s system encountered some corruptions, probably due to a recent rapid series of power outages, so I booted into another partition and restored from a SuperDuper! backup. All is well throughout my system now except for one very minor DTPO fault.

Every time I start up my Mac, everything that’s supposed to launch launches. However, during the launch of DTPO I get a popup dialog box that states The document “Default.sorter” could not be saved. The file is locked." The button choices are “Cancel” and “Go to Finder.” Clicking Cancel does nothing. Clicking Go to Finder simply makes the Finder the active app. These messages continue to popup, multiplying like rabbits, until I open Activity Monitor and quit DEVONthink Sorter. To get the sorter back I have to go to DTPO (which is launched at login) and select Tools > Show Sorter.

I’ve located the file Default.sorter (in ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Sorter) and did a Get info. The “Locked” checkbox is not checked. In Terminal doing an ls -l shows the following permissions: ```

drwxr-xrwx+ 3 tod staff 102 Sep 3 20:05 Default.sorter

Default.sorter is a package, so it’s possible there’s a locking issue with the contents of that package. You can turn off the Sorter in preferences, quit DEVONthink, rename DEVONthink Sorter folder to something else, and then start DEVONthink and turn on Sorter. You’ll lose your Sorter settings, but Sorter should work correctly. Later, you can delete the renamed folder.

If you’ve had a series of crashes (or even one) then you might want to boot from the recovery partition and run Disk Utility to repair permissions on your boot partition.

@ korm: Thanks for the advice. I followed your suggestion in the first ¶ and it worked perfectly. On the way, I did the permissions fix as well. Nothing untoward there but it never hurts.

Best to you!