Sorter crashing and causing the databases no to open.

Hi Folks,

I have 3 databases that I use. Recently I dragged a url “” to my sorter and the sorter seems to have crashed. After that I am unable to oven devonthink pro office 2.04b with the message “Database already in use.” I had to delete the lock files in the global data base and other databases and then it worked.

This has happened twice and is surely problematic. I should also mention that the sorter becomes unresponsive when a url is dragged onto it. Are you guys planning to fix this?


I would like to receive a crash report that you can find in Home > Library > Logs > CrashReporter, together with anything you can find related to this in the console.log (see Applications > Utilities > Console). You can send this to Note that I’m pretty certain that DEVONthink is the culprit so check for its log messages and crash reports as well please.

And yes, in the next release the Sorter will not hijack your session when you drop a URL to it.