Sorter doesnt display always

Team hi,

I’ve noticed that Sorter doesnt always shows up.
This is how it is set up:


If Devonthink app is opened recently , when I click ^ + Option + CMD + = Sorter displays and I can enter notes there.

But after some time (I cannot quite figure out what triggers this) , when I click the keyboard shortcut, the icon in the top bar flashes, but Sorter doesn’t pop up.

I run Mac OS Catalina 10.5.7.


Does this persist after rebooting the machine?

Hey @BLUEFROG , no,

sometimes even if I switch focus to Devon app or quit/start Devon app it starts functioning.
But still it’s inconvenient for ex after working couple hours and switching to diff apps, and then I need to make quick note and sorter doesn’t show up.


Another thing that I’ve just noticed on the second laptop: I tried to configure the same shortcut for the Sorter and I got this:

while this is the View/Zoom menu:


Hmm… I’m not seeing either error here.

Try Control-Option-N. Does that work?

Ctrl Opt N works , but that one I use as global shortcut for other app.

This is not a big pain point , I can figure out another keyboard shortcut …


Is there some way to catch log output when this happens, so you guys can dig into and figure out the problem.
I’ve changed the keyboard s/cut but I observe the same behavior.

I have managed to reproduce this issue, it appears to be a problem in a 3rd party library. Some of the modifier keys appear to be lost during the comparison with already used key short cuts. In your example ^ + Option + CMD + = matches with CMD + = however if you removed the CMD key from the shortcut and used ^ + Option + = it would work. We will aim to get a fix for this as soon as we can.

Thanks @aedwards
Some week ago I’ve changed the shortcut to ^ + Option + /.
It worked Ok for a week but then stopped (after restart of Devon works again).
I think that shortcut is being “caught” properly but for some reason not alway sorter pops up.
I conclude this cause the sorter icon gets blue when I click the shortcut, but still sorter dialog box doesnt display on screen.