Sorter drawers

Will there be a feature allowing drawers in sorter to be dragged and dropped within sorter? This would be especially helpful when drawers are deleted and space within sorter opens up. Thanks.

You can Command-drag sorter boxes to rearrange them. Command-drag them into the open to remove the connection.

It would be nice to be able to relabel the boxes in the Sorter once you’ve pulled your file from the database. In my case, all of my top folders are named Inbox in my databases. As you can imagine, it would be confusing to have five Inboxes in the sorter, even though if you hover over one of the sorter boxes it brings up the database name. That takes too much time. For now, my workaround is to add a parenthetical label, i.e. Inbox (Writing), with Writing being the name of the database. Clumsy, particularly in the menu bar in the database, but it works. How much nicer it would be if I could just relabel the inbox Writing or Attic, which is the name of my catch-all database. Any chance of this feature being added?

You can rename those Inboxes in each respective database without changing their status as “inbox” and that name will be reflected in the Sorter.

Thanks for the quick reply, Annard. Yes, I experimented with that. The problem is that while I’d like the quick reference of the database name in the sorter to make the input selection task easier with multiple database, when I’m working in my database I like the immediate recognition of seeing the Inbox labeled Inbox. Oh well, guess I can’t have it both ways.

btw, the sorter is a great feature.