Sorter Feedback

In DEVONthink Pro 2.0 pb7.

  1. When I have an open window (in Dt) with some article that I am reading; and then I invoke the Sorter in a Note Mode to make a note (in my case Cmd+F8)… I can write something but then - I can’t hide this window (unless save this note - but what if I want to continue with this note, not save yet?)! Why not use the same shortcut to Show and Hide?

  2. OK, let’s say I am using mouse to hide the Sorter Note window, but focus doesn’t go back to my open window! It’s just somewhere in the air (I assume still on the Sorter).

  3. The note which I am creating with the use of Sorter is saved as RTF file - that is great! But why not to use RTF options in the Sorter window? For instance I am writing a note and I would like to make some words bold, some underline, some change color (Cmd+Shift+C), and so on…

  4. Sorter window is just black - which might be nice, but why not give an option to change at least the Transparency or even color of it?
    Especially, that some people would prefer to have at least the note window with white background and use standard black fonts on it - to see exactly how the note will look like when saved (esp. when you turn on changing colors of text).

  5. Personally, definitely I prefer DEVONthink than any other note-taking application, as DEVONthink has so many useful options for studying. But Yojimbo’s Quick-Input-Panel is so reach and easy to use! Especially to take notes! You see they do understand that it is very helpful to use the same shortcut to invoke and hide the Q-I-P window. Additionally they do offer RTF options to format text straight in Q-I-T, and they offer tags, labeling, comments field - everything accessible with keyboard - no need to use mouse! Is it possible to make Sorter-Note mode better? Would be great!

Thank you for your feedback.
In response to

  1. Use Command-M to minimize the window.
  2. This is something I will look into.
  3. There is no Format menu in the Sorter so it doesn’t make sense to make that available especially since there is also hardly any space in the window for any extraneous UI elements.

I think there is a philosophical difference in your and other customer’s approach to the concept of “taking a note”. From feedback we deduced this required a quick and simple way to allow someone to write down her thoughts on a subject.

Thank you for reply, but I would like to go one more time to the above:

  1. Command-M works, but still it would be helpful to have the same shortcut for Show/Hide

  2. There is no need for Format menu, as simple text formatting is the same in most app., like Command-B = bold, Command-I = Italic, Command-Shift-C = Colors window.

Taking a note must have a sensible approach. You are not taking a note just to write something down and forget about it, but to do something with it later. So, if I do some research, and make quick notes on the subject, it is useful if I can emphasize some words or phrases for instance by making the text bold. I think it is quite simple, and very helpful. If you make notes on paper, you don’t write down just words, but you do emphasize some words or even make a simple drawing, right? So, the same here. To make simple note effective for later work, there is a need of making simple operations on the text.
Please consider such option.