Sorter --> folder path?

Hi all,

is it possible to save files directly to the sorter through the save dialog of a certain program? And if yes, whats the folder path of the sorter?



It is possible to save to the Global Inbox, but not to individual destinations in the Sorter. The Global Inbox can be found at

~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox

(Adjust the path for your version of DEVONthink). If you drag this to your Finder sidebar you’ll have a link to the Global Inbox that appears in all application save dialogs that display that sidebar. (For the odd program that doesn’t, you can navigate to the location given above.) Once inside the Global Inbox, you can move or duplicate the document elsewhere in the DB, or drag to a Favorite, or drag to the Sorter…etc.

Adding on to korm’s suggestion, you can add the Global Inbox to the Finder’s Sidebar easily using ‘Help Menu>Install Add-ons…>Global Inbox in Save Dialogs’.

Thanks very much for the quick answers! DevonThink is great and so its forum!