Sorter global inbox icon - no thumbnails


when I drag files to the Inbox slot (top left) in the Sorter, which is the global inbox the red count badge goes up. I do not however get a thumbnail picture appearing to tell me what the content is.
If I put groups in the other slots in Sorter and drag to them then the count badge goes up and I get thumbnails of each document. By dragging the mouse left and right across the thumbnails I can scroll through all the items in slot waiting to be filed in Devonthink.

IS there a glitch with my global inbox, which resolutely displays only its icon and badge count thus leaving me no idea of its exact content, or is this standard behaviours.

I did have to embark on some deleting and reinstalling of application support files because of recurring content in the sorter and I’m wondering if I managed to muck it up when doing this.



AFAIK it’s the standard behaviour.