sorter grid view not showing all available groups

previous behavior:

Click on sorter — sorter shows all groups available in grid view

It used to expand according to how many groups where there

What happens:

Click on sorter and now it expands only to show one line of groups and you can see that there are other groups to the right but you can’t scroll and you can’t view more than 2 groups. But when you click the alternate view it shows all the groups in a list.

This seems like a bug

If you open the Sorter window and resize it by dragging the bottom corner you should be able to arrange it so that all groups are visible.

Thanks for the reply.

When I resize it — the box only goes horizontal. It doesn’t move vertical like a box, like it used to.

Also, when I resized it I got this message:

one group will be hidden from your view.

The sorter never looked like this before. Did you see the screenshot I sent above?

Thanks again

Is the sorter tab located on the bottom of the screen? If it is try dragging it to the left hand edge of the screen and try to resize in the vertical direction.

Ah! Thanks! That seems to have done it. It now behaves as it used to.

I dragged it to the left as you said. Resized it. Then dragged it back to the bottom.