Sorter - Import original PDF from Web

Unless you’re doing a raw scan, i.e., not performing OCR with an external application, it’s not a good idea because the location in the Finder is a dynamic one.
If you scan to the Global Inbox in the Finder, the file is moved by DEVONthink into the Global Inbox’s internal structure. This means the file is no longer in the expected location for the external application.

I have to come back to this topic again.
I just tried to download / capture an amazon invoice from my list of orders.
The PDF File is being displayed but when I try to capture it with the sorter (content of safari as pdf) the output is only “sorry… technically problems”.
So I ask myself again if there will be an option just to download a pdf file that already is being displayed. I don’t want to recapture the content with all the complexity that might come along with it.

The only possibility is to print a PDF to DEVONthink.

I capture Amazon invoices by using the “print this page for your records” at the top of the page, then using the “pdf” pull down in the lower right of the print window to save to pdf. A Hazel rule then renames and moves to DT3. Works well.

Edit: should read lower left of the print window.

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I already use the workflow with printing and importing to DT but thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

So many people like to save just a few seconds within their workflows and like the possibilities of the new sorters so much that I wonder why its not obvious for them to have this integrated.

See it as a feature request… or is it complicated to realize ? I am dealing a lot with pdf downloads and would be happy to have a smoother workflow too without a third party tool.

Besides the feature itself I always have to check the result when capturing as you never see directly what kind of page (content) you are watching and what kind of problems this might lead into.