Sorter imports URLs as text rather than bookmark in Firefox

I am using Firefox 12 on Apple Mac Lion.

When I drag a URL from Firefox browser to the Inbox of the sorter, DevonThink puts the URL as a text item rather than a bookmark.

This is a change that has happened since I upgraded to Lion.

I have tried same procedure on Google Chrome and the dragging process works - a URL is inported as a bookmark.

Any suggestions? Is there an update?

Same here (with bookmarks and web archives). Currently I use the bookmarklets or the clip to DT extension. Both work, but of course it’s only quick if DT is running all the time.

I suspect a problem with FF, because dragging URLs from Safari to Sorter works as expected.

Same here.

I am using Firefox 12.0, and the clipper will only import the url as text. As others have noted, it works fine with Safari…that is, the live page is viewable in the view pane.

This is a real drag, since I am much more productive with Firefox than Safari, and have been very successful using the clipper in the past with FF and getting a live page in the viewer.

Does this mean I have to go back to Evernote? Please say “no,” DevonThink, and provide us a solution!

If you drag the favicon to the sorter from Firefox 12 it does appear to add the url as a text entry. If you drag the actual url text to the sorter it will still add it as a bookmark. I will take a look at why dragging the favicon is add as text rather than a bookmark.

Thank you very much!