sorter in menu bar

just wanted to suggest a feature that could be nice in my opinion;
the possibility to have the sorter as a menu bar item (an icon in the upper right part of the screen).
I like the sorter and use it often but I don’t like how much space it is taking on screen , and it happens to me also that I unintentionally interact with it while doing other things.
it could be a small but pretty strong improvement to have this option

Thanks for the request. No promises, but it’s on our list. :smiley:

Sorter in the menu bar is a smart thing. My wife is just exploring DevonThink and I kind of pretend to be an expert even if I am a newbie. Her comments is that “This app has so many options and possibilities and it is hard to understand and use even 50% of it”.

I have a feeling that the better the app gets the more extra options we users call for.

If it only had 50% of all options I still would be overwhelmed.

And every week I learn a new function or a new way to treat my information. Simply extremely impressed. Reading both the manual, Take Control and the help texts but mainly this forum to get info.

Ahh… I remember similar early days of yore :smiley:

Here’s my advice to people:

  • Take small bites or you’ll choke.
  • Don’t try to see everything at once.
  • Yes, it’s a forest, but lets look at this one tree. We’ll look at the next when we’re ready.


Seriously though, DEVONthink is a very deep app but it’s easier if you just tend to what you need to do, not what it can do.

  • Need something simple like a recipe database. Easily done and without the need for AI / See Also / Applescripts / etc.
  • Need something more complex, like financials. Still easily done and maybe you’ll make use of Tags and Group Tags / indexing files / Smart Groups / etc.
  • Need to work on your thesis or run a business… Still doable but you’re probably going to be digging into AI / email importing / scripting / etc/

Granted any and all of these things can be employed in the simplest of databases, but learn as you need to learn or set aside time to just explore.

I hope that helps.