Sorter in Two-Screen Environment

Hello forum,

I´ve a problem with sorter. I work in a two screen environment (left MacBook, right 24" Monitor). Main Monitor is the 24". I try to put the sorter on the left side of my 24" Monitor. It seems to me that this does not work. When dragging the tab to this side the sorter tab (and only the tab) is on my main-screen but the rest of the sorter (the drawers) are shown on my MacBokk monitor. Is there any way to change this?



The version of the Sorter you are using can only be placed on the very outside edges of your combined monitors, except where the screen edge where the dock and menu is placed.

Version 2.1 now has the ability to be placed on any edge of any attached monitor. Some users have experienced an issue with this version which requires deleting the Sorter preferences file. I would recommend doing this before upgading, the preference file can be folder at ~/Library/Preferences/com.devon-technologies.think-sorter.plist, where ~ is your home folder.