Sorter Inbox does not work

Hi All,

The default inbox in my sorter seems to eat up all the documents that I place in it. I mean the documents I put in it do not appear in either of my two databases.

Any ideas?


The universal inbox in the sorter is not fully functioning at this point. It will be in a future beta and in the final version of 2.0. For now, the best thing is to drag the inboxes from your databases into the sorter, then drop into the specific databases. Documents dropped into the universal inbox currently, end up in a sort of limbo on your hard drive. I don’t remember where they are stored, but it’s mentioned in a previous post on the forum.

Reiterating what JRPars said, from Bill’s recent post:

See page 4 of the Upgrader’s Guide (in the download disk image) re the Sorter. The Global Inbox isn’t yet activated.

And, again, my suggestion:

If the global Inbox still won’t be functional in the next revision maybe it could be temporarily disabled instead since its apparent “black hole” behavior has generated a lot of confusion and questions. Kind of puzzling why it was released like that.

I still don’t understand Dtech’s reasoning for leaving it this way and increasing the amount of redundant support about it. :question: