sorter inbox:

I only been using for a few days and maybe already submitted.
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I have multiple database setup: work & home.
when Devonthink is not open I push to the sorter inbox.
upon opening Devonthink the sorter empties but goes no where.
is this normal?
what happened to the items in the inbox?

I added 2 other inboxes to the sorter 1 for work 1 for home by dragging folders to sorter.

if i put item in either of the dragged/defined folders they do infact push to those folders.

I think that if no folder boxes have been dragged / defined then
when you open DEVONthink you should be prompted what to do with them
or push to your globals inbox.

In either case this didn’t happen.

As documented in the Upgrader’s Guide (on the download disk image), the Global Inbox is not activated in this beta.

Any content you sent to the Global Inbox wasn’t actually lost, however. You will find it stored at ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox/.

If you leave the data there, it will be automatically sent to the Global Inbox for filing into your database(s) when a version of DTPO2 with an activated Global Inbox is released.

If you wish, you may drag the contents from the above location into a Sorter slot that contains a database Inbox, and it will be stored into that database if it is currently open, or sent to it when that database is next opened. (Afterwards, delete the contents from the /Inbox/ folder, so that you don’t end up with duplicates.)


I manually dragged into database.

For now my manually created folders in the sorter are working for me.
I just didn’t RTFM I guess, but who has time.

Thanks for the update.