Sorter is Missing

Hello, today I had to re-start my computer and now the Sorter is missing. Devonthink Pro Office thinks that it is on, but I don’t see the little tab for the sorter. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I have the Sorter set to open at log in. I tried loggin out and loggin back in and it still doesn’t help. Any ideas?

Try to quit the sorter from the tools menu in devonthink.
Try to restart the sorter from the same menu in devonthink.
Hope that helps!

Thanks Farath, I tried your suggestion but that didn’t help. I have DTPO’s preferences set so that it says:

“Start Sorter at Login” with full visibility, and I also made sure that the checkbox is unchecked so that it won’t be hidden in Accounts in System Preferences.

I did things like repairing permissions on my computer, re-starting the computer, and logging out/logging back in, all to no avail. The Sorter just seems to have disappeared.

One or both of these fixes might help:


Thank you very much, I got it back!