Sorter issue after installation of most recent release

I’m having this same issue. Has anyone found a fix to this yet?

I’m not seeing this.

The only difference from details provided by @TonyLim above is that my macOS is up to date 13.3.1

What version of macOS and DEVONthink are you running?

I’m running Monterey 12.6.3 and Devonthink 3.9

To get the Add button to not be grayed out and to work I need to create the note, close the sorter, and reopen it. Then Add is useable

Might be your out of date operating system causing the difficulty, which coincidently is the same version used by @TonyLim unsuccessfully.

That’s a little disappointing since every other feature of Devonthink 3 works fine and this problem just cropped up after the latest Devonthink update. I also doubt very much if there are only two users of Devonthink who are having this issue…seems like there were others in this string as well.

Sorry it’s disappointing, but it’s inevitable (IF the macOS version is the source) that new software may not work completely perfectly on out of date software.

Please update your operating system to see if the issue persists. We suggest staying current with operating system and our point releases.

@bluefrog Well, with no known changes to anything (other than a few re-boots) I now see this issue. I did not see it previously at all.

Use hot keys to bring up Sorter to take a note, and the “Add” button is inactive first time. Click off and with hot keys, the note content still there but on second try “Add” button active.

DEVONthink 3.9
macOS 13.3.1

  • Is the Sorter running in the menubar, as a docked tab, or None?
  • Has this been changed recently?

: Menubar
: Been there for a long time with no change
: Menubar controlled by Bartender (humm)

Edit: just rebooted without Bartender and still see the issue. Ignore the “humm”

et al:
I am not seeing this issue in the internal builds of the next maintenance release. Please stay tuned for that.

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Hi - just following up on this. Sorter appears in either the menu bar or side tab, but will not open in either conformation. DT v3.9 and Ventura 13.4. System reboot did not restore it’s function. Thanks.

As noted above, this will be addressed in the next maintenance release. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thanks, Jim!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: