Sorter Keeps Shutting Down (v2.1)


Since I upgraded to 2.1, each time I move/drag a file to the sorter inbox, it closes. I have to quite the sorter (in Preferences) and then click “Show” for it to restart. Also, the setting to Start Sorter on Login unchecks itself.

Any ideas?



I’m having the same problem. Drag something to it and it disappears. Have to restart it to bring it back.

I toss my hat reluctantly into this ring of sorter misbehaving… In other words, me, too.

Same here.

See viewtopic.php?f=3&t=13215

Thanks Bill. Deleting the library file mentioned in that post doesn’t help me, but it’s good to know at least that the problem’s been noted and is being looked at.

After you try to check the “Start Sorter on Login” button, does the Sorter appear in your login Items list. This can be found by opening System Preferences, selecting the Accounts option in the System section, and with your user name selected click on the Login Items tab.

If you scroll through the entries, do you see an entry for DEVONthink Sorter?


To the DT team - you really need to consider supporting the ability to conduct web-based conference sessions to allow end-users who are having issues demonstrate the problem visually.

BTW, I’ve tried all of the suggested solutions to resolve the disappearing Sorter app issue but none have worked.



Hi Phil

Can send me a copy of your Sorter Preferences file, which can be found at ~/Library/Preferences/com.devon-technologies.think-sorter.plist, where ~ is your home folder.

If you raise a bug report at you should be able to add the file as an attachment.

Many Thanks

Hi Alan,

I’ve opened a support ticket and included my preferences file.



For anyone who is still experiencing a problem with the Sorter disappearing after deleting the Sorter preferences they may want to try the following:

  1. Close the sorter
  2. Delete the Sorter preference file again (see previous post above on how to do this)
  3. In Finder go to the folder, ~/Library/Application Support where ~ is your home folder. Select the folder “DEVONthink Sorter” and rename this to “DEVONthink Sorter Old”.
  4. Restart the Sorter via DEVONthink’s preferences.

[size=120]Important Note:[/size]
When you open the sorter only the Global Inbox will be available, you will need to add your destination drop folders and inboxes. Should you want to resort to your original settings, follow the procedure above except rename the folder “DEVONthink Sorter Old” back to “DEVONthink Sorter”.


Hi - I followed the suggested steps but the problem persists. It happens whenever I drag a file over the sorter tab and the sorter pops out - regardless of whether or not I deposit a file. Very disappointing because I use the Sorter quite a bit. Any new suggestions? Thanks! Keith

Strange - now it seems to be working - the only thing I did in between was to select a couple of the options at the bottom right corner of the Sorter window, including opening the Preferences pane from there (can’t imagine why any of that would matter).

Hi Keith

If you do have the problem again please raise a bug report and attach your Sorter preference file.

Worked for me, thanks for the quick bugfix. By the way, a minor improvement in the future would be to stop use of the sorter from triggering the OSX Spaces feature (the one where, when you hold a file against the edge of the screen, you move to a different Space).

@KeithKendrick, thanks for posting this. I just selecting the options at the bottom right corner of the Sorter window and also opened the Preferences pane. And the earlier behavior I was experiencing (disappearance of sorter after placing one item there) seems to have gone away.


Same. Everything’s working fine now, although i’m not sure this can be considered a “fix,” as much as luck.