Sorter observations, v2 v v3

I’ve just downloaded and have been exploring v3 - nothing serious, yet. One thing I played with is the sorter and a couple of questions/observations arose.

  1. This is still a beta. How do the sorter for v2 and that for v3 interact, if at all? IE, if I save a note, say to v2 sorter, will it end up in the v3 as well.
  2. I have two screens. The sorter ended up on my “left” screen irrespective of which was active. V2 is on my “right” screen.
  3. I tried placing the v3 sorter in the same location as the v2 one (center, left). Didn’t see that it made a difference.
  4. Do like ability to put it on menu bar (which is where it is right now).

Let me add, I just tried the clip to sorter from safari - and the note is jammed at the top, overlying the many bar.

  1. Saving a note in V3 Sorter will save it by default to the V3 Global Inbox which is separate for the V2 Global Inbox, however if you save it to a named database it will be available across both versions.

  2. The V3 does not use the same positioning information as the V2 Sorter, it must be set in the Preferences.

  3. Multiple screens are treated as one large canvas, so centre left is the left hand side of the screen position to the far left.

Can you provide some more info (screenshot) of the clip issue.

Just like when you take your car to mechanic, everything (the clip) works fine, now. Guess I’ll have to keep an eye on it.