Sorter on Dock Side

Before the final release of 2.0, can you change the sorter to allow it to appear on the same side of the screen as the dock? I keep my Dock in the lower-right corner, and I only use it for currently running applications, so it’s minimal. I want to put the sorter in the upper-right corner, putting them both on the same side. I can do this now if I move the dock to the left, move the sorter right, and then the dock back to the right, but that’s a hassle. Just let me put the sorter on the same side as the dock. Thanks.


I do what you want to do (I think), but on the opposite side. Check the help file. Here’s my left side config:

But you can’t position the sorter on the same side of the screen as the dock (at least not without the work-around I mentioned).


How often do you need to re-position the Sorter? I put the Sorter where I wanted it and I have not changed its location since then.

I expect the default behavior is intentional to prevent the Sorter tab and the Dock from overlapping on less than minimal Dock configurations.