Sorter Open & Close

The Sorter is a great innovation and opening it is easy: just click on the tab. But closing the Sorter is more difficult, and not what one would expect.

Instead of clicking on the tab again (like Yojimbo and others) which is simple and intuitive, in DT it’s necessary to find the small minus-icon to close the Sorter.

Can we please have a tab-open/tab-close arrangement without fiddly icons/buttons?


I support inwell3 in this. Much prefer just having to click on the tab to close sorter rather than the minus key. Actually, I’d like the toggle option of setting the sorter to hide on the side until I mouse over to it–similar to the dock and Together–or it it can’t hide, at least have it to where I don’t have to click on it to open, just to mouse over. Maybe in a future version?