Sorter - Possible to make invisible until a hot key is pres

I find the sorter frustrating. Setting aside the aesthetics (what is this thing stuck to the side of my window?), it is so often in my way that I turn it off. Then, of course, I have a reason to use it. I use my full screen, so if its on the right, it interferes with a scroll bar. On the left, it obscures text, icons, etc.

Consider as an alternative, Yoink ( It’s invisible until one either drags a file or hits a hot key (e.g., F5), at which point it pops up either where one placed it on the edge of the window or at the mouse location according to one’s preferences.

No little tab stuck to the side saying “Yoink” all the time. Just…nothing, until one signals that one needs the functionality. I suppose I find the constant presence of the sorter particularly galling from a UX perspective because its constantly taking up valuable screen space for something that is actually going to be used only occasionally and a much less intrusive option, hot key activation, is easily available.

Thanks for the overall great program and your consideration.

This use of a side tab is not our own convention and has been used by other programs than ours.

In Preferences > Sorter > Visibility, uncheck Full and it will become more transparent.

I consider this request a very useful one. I find the sorter especially awkward to use when I have an external monitor connected, which I do frequently, so have also turned it off.

Thanks for the quick reply. Dimming the visibility certainly helps with the aesthetic noise, but perhaps at the cost of making it not just inconvenient, but also surprising when one finds the Sorter tab in the way.

I agree that the “stuff sticking off the side of the monitor” convention is hardly unique to DT, but note that many more recent programs (Fresh, Yoink, DropZone) have moved away from it in favor of either hotkeys or having the tab slide out from invisibility upon a trigger (e.g., dragging a file to monitor edge), rather than occupying space for the 99.8% of the time that they are not in use.


I would also prefer a hotkey to sticking out but, as I do not use Sorter that often, finding the scripts menu more convenient to move stuff to DevonThink Pro Office, I have shut it off as well. If a vote was held I would go for hotkey :wink:

Jim, thanks for the hot key tip.

My pleasure. :smiley: