Sorter Preferences not kept between versions

I turn off the Sorter because I don’t really need it with the option to bring up a menu to sort things as added. So, I turn it off in the Preferences. However, every time a new version of DEVONthink Pro Office comes out, I find that the Sorter is once again enabled and I need to turn it off again. It would be great if this preference wasn’t reset with each new version.

I believe this preference is set, and reset, by the DEVONthink Sorter Helper checkbox when a new version of DEVONthink is installed. Uncheck the option with each new version and your preference to not have Sorter added to your login items should be preserved.

I’ve always disliked that Install Add-ons window doesn’t clearly/explicitly indicate the current status of adds-ons, e.g. for ABBYY FineReader OCR (as Tim Lahey’s blog comment also recently questioned). When I uncheck an item without knowing whether it’s been previously installed then the expectation is it’ll remain uninstalled (which is true) or be uninstalled (which isn’t true, AFAIK) when the Install button is clicked/tapped (even with the “Install” window/button labels). I still dread seeing this dialog during the first post-update relaunch, wondering if something unintentional will happen if I’ve (un)checked certain items.