Sorter Problem



this is what the sorter looks like at my macbook pro running on maverick.

any ideas what could cause this bug?



I too have the same problem as bph777. Just installed DevonThink Pro Office and the sorter was fine in the corner but the first time I clicked it this new shape appeared.
Attached screen grab shows the whole 13" screen so as you can see it’s rather strange.
The only way to stop this at the moment is to stop using the sorter, but I would like to use it.
Anyone any ideas how to cure this?

Sorter Screen Grab.jpg

I can’t see from the to screen capture whether the resizing icon is visible at the bottom right hand corner of the open sorter window? If it is if you drag and resize the sorter does it expand or stay the same size?

If that does not work could you send me a copy of your sorter preference file which can be found by:

  1. Open DEVONthink preferences, select the Sorter tab and quit the Sorter.
  2. In Finder select the menu option Go->Go to Folder and type the following ~/Library/Preferences and press the Go button.
  3. The preference file is named com.devon-technologies.think-sorter.plist (DEVONthink Pro or Pro Office) or com.devon-technologies.thinkPersonal-sorter.plist (Personal Edition)

I had the same problem and it was solved by first dragging the Sorter as you see it to one of the vertical sides, as that got it away from the Dock area, and then resizing it by dragging from the bottom corner. This last was a bit of a hit and miss and I had to try a couple of times as I too could not see the resizing bit but had to trust to luck to get it. Good luck!