Sorter problem.

Note sure where beta feedback is supposed to go. So I’ll put it here until directed elsewhere.

The sorter locks up safari.

If I pull up page in safari, drag the URL from the toolbar to the Sorter and Drop it on the inbox the progress indictor begins to whirrr. When I go back to my browser session I can’t do anything. The app is not responding to any input until the sorter drawer closes.


Dragging the URL to the Sorter results in re-downloading the Web page and saving it as a WebArchive. The page size, layout and your Internet connection speed all affect the length of time the procedure will require.

If the Web page is being viewed and a database is already open, you can get an almost instantaneous WebArchive capture by clicking in the page, pressing Command-A to select all, then the keystroke Command-%. You also have the option of capturing just a selected portion of the page as a WebArchive using this Service, which is available in Safari.

Thanks for the tip.

Maybe the Sorter is downloading the dragged content in the same thread that it was notified of the drag. Often tasks like that are passed off to a background thread, so that control can return to the user straight away. I know this is a beta so maybe it is a bug, maybe I am completely wrong. Hence my comment/feedback.

The WebKit is not thread-safe. However, the next release will return control before downloading the web-page.

Great news. Thanks.