Sorter question

Is there anything I can do to stop getting frequent notices like that shown in the attached picture? Why do they appear? Thanks very much.
grab pic.tiff (35.4 KB)

It seems that you have two Sorters running. Use the action menu to quit both and then start one in DEVONthink (using the Dock menu for instance).

Thanks very much, Annard - it seems that I actually had 4 instances of the sorter running!! Do you know why that might have happened? Thanks again, Keith

My guess is that you moved an old version of DEVONthink to the Trash and then started a new one several times.

Thanks again. What can I do to undo this annoying and disruptive situation that I’ve created for myself?!

Use the automatic update or if you update “by hand”, quit the Sorter before replacing DEVONthink.