Sorter quiting when I quit DT3

With DT2 the Sorter was always an active tab on the desktop, whether the app was open or not. You had to go into the preferences to deactivate it.

With DT3 the behavior is the same, (doubting myself as I can’t remeber, DT3 has been open almost all the time since I bought the upgrade) in that the Sorter stays active even if the app is closed. However, I installed a trial of AppTamer and it was set to quit DT3 after 10 mins of inactivity. I noticed that it also quit the Sorter so I dumped AppTamer but now the Sorter always quits when I quite DT3.

How can I re-enable the original behavior of DT3 Sorter?

It’s never been possible to keep the Sorter open in DEVONthink 3 after you quit the app. In DEVONthink 2, the Sorter was a separate application and that’s no longer the case.

Oh bugger!

I loved that feature in DT2.

Thanks for your quick answer Greg.

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I use AppTamer too, kills apps that aren’t active. Wish there was something like this for Safari Tabs.