Sorter retaining URL

When I take a rich note from a webpage with the shortcut provided in Services, the URL is captured. DT has to be opened.

When I want to use the Sorter without DT running, the URL is not retained. There is no difference if I drag an image from a website, a snippet from Safari or a link to a website to the specific folder in the Sorter. Am I missing something?

For my work it is nearly useless to capture all those items without the URL.

Retaining the original URL is important for many of us, for different reasons.

I’d intuitively expect Sorter to have the same abilities and limitations as the main DT app in determining and retaining the URL (and other metadata) with any capture method that both support. Where there are differences I’d like them to be explicitly documented.

It would be convenient to consult an evolving FAQ/KB of conditions when metadata will be used (if available) with the various default capture/import methods. For example, knowing that the URL won’t be retained when dragging Safari content to Sorter might be a reason not to use that method.

In general, I’d like better ways of sharing this type of information with the DT community that reduces the amount of redundant re-discovery time and questioning, leaving more time for discovering and contributing additional information to the community.

I just dragged some text from Safari to a Sorter box while DTPro was not open. Upon opening that DTPro database, the text was imported along with the URL. It’s been working fine for me, although I really dislike the way the Sorter names the files it contains.

The URL should be included when you drag a URL or a selection from Safari. As someone stated before it should behave identical to DT. So if you have an example for me where it doesn’t work, email the URL of the page from whence you tried to make a snippet to

One more thing: are you using the Services menu or drag-n-drop into the Sorter?

Am I that easily forgotten? :slight_smile:

Won’t the services menu capture end up “hidden” in the global Inbox if invoked while DTP isn’t running (like in Ursula’s case)?

Hmm, thought services + Sorter w/o DTP running worked like that earlier but now they just launch DTP and beep (since there’s no default database).

Thank you all for your answers, I tried to narrow down the problem yesterday. Deleted all services and extras, reinstalled the application, changed the Copy Selection Hotkey for importing to the sorter, verified and repaired (no errors found) …

Like sjk I expected this behavior, but… At the end of my experiences yesterday I was sure, webarchives are retaining their URL, RTFDs also, only RTF documents are not retaining their URL. But my trials today are again different from yesterday.

The highlighted items are those I imported from Sorter’s Inbox, after using the above mentioned Hotkey. The other ones have been created by dragging the item to the Inbox of my main-database in the Sorter. You may see the strange naming for identical snippets, but I read in another posting there will be changes in a future version. What is called ‘text’ for instance should be bookmarks.

As far as my computer is concerned you may take any URL. Did I mention I want to import these items without DT open? With DT open I may use the Take Rich Note Shortcut and everything is working as expected. But most of the time, when collecting theses snippets, I prefer DT not to be open, because I encounter some problems with Time Machine. But that’s another story.

I’m asking myself why others don’t have this problem. There is one thing others maybe are not doing: I am working with a German OS (10.5.6), but disabled all languages except English for DT. Could this be a reason for not being so accurate to capture the expected URLs?
One more thing: are you using the Services menu or drag-n-drop into the Sorter?
I hope this is answered. When using the Services Menu DT will be opened, what I don’t want. And I did not yet found out the use for the Services -> Devonthink Sorter -> Send to Inbox.

Okay. I found out now. You have to highlight some text before using Services.

OK, how are you getting the files from the currently unsupported Inbox that is sort of hidden into DT2? The metadata of the file has the URL and once DT2 supports this Inbox it should pick it up.

I import them from Files -> Import -> Files and Folders. I find the files in my Library -> Application support -> Dt Pro 2 -> Inbox.

What do you mean with ‘sort of hidden in DT2’? Should we not have detected them there? It is mentioned in the documentation, I guess.

Is there a way to collect RTF snippets from Safari using the Inbox of one of my databases? Every time a drag and drop an URL I get an Webarchive, which will end up in a useless bloat of my database. Plus I prefer a shortcut to drag and drop.

No, this is the unsupported feature that is mentioned in several documents and will be fixed in a next release. It will then all happen automatically. But DT2 doesn’t pick up the metadata that is attached to the files. That is a bug.

Thank you, Annard, for your answer.

Is there any approximate date for the next release?

If the global Inbox still won’t be functional in the next revision maybe it could be temporarily disabled instead since its apparent “black hole” behavior has generated a lot of confusion and questions. Kind of puzzling why it was released like that.