sorter: saving a note via keyboard?

During my working day I have to write down many single notes. I love the sorter’s function to take notes, I especially love, that I can activate this function with a system-wide shortcut and can type right away.

Now I am a keyboard guy and instead of having to grab the mouse and press “save”, which saves the note and minimizes the sorter’s window, I would like to do that while keeping my hands on the keyboard. But I cannot figure out how?
Using “tab” does not bring me to the “save”-button. I am not aware of a shortcut for this, there is none in the according preferences.
I am so much focused on the keyboard, that I would rather call a script via LaunchBar that tells the sorter so save the note instead of using the mouse for this. If it was possible via a script, I would need some angel that tellls me the syntax for the script.

Any option for me?

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Command-S will save the note.

Oh my, so simple it never entered my mind on my own. :blush:

Thank you very much! I’m glad I asked.

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I wonder if this behaviour (CMD+S) is still the expected one in DT 3.5 to confirm “save” the note via sorter. In my case - the note is note saved.

Yes, it’s still the same shortcut.
You have to make sure the Sorter has focus when using it in docked tab mode. This is related to the other issue I mentioned to @aedwards about the search field not getting focus with the specified shortcut.

Ahhh… that made the trick. Now my challenge is: i have a mac attached to a huge 40+ display. The sorter always appears on the mac (which is configured as a 2nd screen) which makes the workflow with making it focused not very convenient as i need to move the mouse over it and I try to avoid mouse as much as i can.
1)Any tricks on how e.g. to move sorted to an attached screen or make a clipping w/o confirmation? (that would be actually ideal).
2) I am exploring the integrated bookmarks in parallel but haven’t found yet a way to attach them to a shortcut in browser (or via KM). If this will work, sorter can be avoided as the bookmarklet does not ask for confirmation while saving.

The trick with a 2nd monitor was basically to enable the “icon” view for sorter in the menu.
This works really well with a big second monitor as the search bar or the sorter pops now somewhere in the middle of the second half of the external screen as compared to a normal sorter which in my case popped up on the main mac screen.

TL;DR: sorter as an menu with a 2nd external monitor is the way to go :slight_smile:

When the Sorter is displayed as a menu extra the Sorter should be displayed attached to the icon in the menu bar. When you say the Sorter appears in the middle of the second half of the external screen is it detached form the menu bar?

No, it is as you say icon on a bar. But my bar also has things like Dropbox, Keyboard maestro, etc so Devon’s icons sits somewhere in the middle of a screen as a result which is great for clipping while using a huge 2nd screen… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification

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