Sorter Search and Excluding Classification


I’ve just downloaded DT3 and am enjoying it so far – a huge amount of work has clearly gone in to it, and there’s so much to explore. Thanks to everybody responsible!

Now… this may be an intended feature (though I can’t find it in the Help – apologies if it’s there…), but it feels like a bug, so I’m reporting it.

The search field in the Sorter does not find certain groups which are clearly there: you can browse to them, but not search for them.

As far as I can tell, the key factor is whether the group is excluded from Classification or not. To test, toggle the setting on and off: if it’s on, Sorter search doesn’t find the group; if it’s off it does.

As it’s possible to use the list below the search field to navigate to the group, even if it’s excluded from classification, then it feels like it’s a bug, rather than a feature, but if there is a reason for it, fine. (Though I’d like to know the rationale, obviously…)


Confirmed. It appears to be a bug.

Beta 2 will fix this.

Cheers, Christian! And thanks to all for the beta…