Sorter - Search For Database/Folder Instead of Dropdown

When adding data using sorter, there is a menu to choose where the data goes. When one has a single database with a few folders, this can work. However, for someone who has multiple databases with lots of folder in each one, this is cluhmbersone. I would rather have a type to search for folder/database bar to select where the data is clipped.

Something like Go To Group - Ctrl+Cmd+G

Thanks, this is also planned for future releases.

I hope that this will be appleid in most if not all places where there is a destination selection option. Just hit the same problem when creating a smart rule. Too many folders to scroll through.

I’ve been struggling with DT3 navigation.

  1. Can we change the current keyboard shortcut CTRL+CMD+G to navigate? Something like CMD+O would be better.

  2. Really need folder name input window rather than the navigation of dropdown lists. I often have to scroll for several seconds to find the right folder.

  3. Going back to #1 can we get access to opening file in addition to folders? SOmething that Ulysses and Evernote have - keyboard shortcut to quickly navigate to a notebook or open a file based on the name.

1. Command-O is typically Open. In the Finder, Go > Go to Folder if Shift-Command-G.
3. That’s not a 1:1 comparison. Evernote and Ulysses (and similar apps) have nowhere near the number of depth of files as a DEVONthink database (often many databases).