Sorter sound - can it be shut off?

Is there any way to shut off that darn sound that the Sorter makes every time I drop a file on it? If I’m working in DT late at night and the house is quiet (people sleeping) that sound is not a welcome occurrence.

I searched the menus and the Help, but didn’t find the shutoff switch.

If you view contents on DEVONthink Pro, view contents on the Sorter plugin, and then view contents on the Sorter plugin’s actual content, you can just drag and drop all the sound files to the trash. That should stop it.

… I have a deep dislike for applications that don’t have an option to disable sounds.

Just shut off the User Interface Sounds in the Sound System Preferences.

That’s really extreme, I’ve got to shut off all the User Interface Sounds on the laptop just to take care of one sound that is annoying? Not a very satisfying choice.

I guess I’ll try the other option, to remove the sound files in the Sorter contents. That will have to do until we get a Preferences option in DT to enable or disable sounds, like most applications have…:frowning:

That worked nicely, thanks a lot for the suggestion. There is one sound file in the plugin, “” , that seems to be the culprit. Removing that from the package resulted in the ability to drop files in the Sorter without a lot of racket, AND without having to shut off sounds from other applications that may be beneficial.

Thanks again!

From LaunchBar 5 - Release Notes:

• The ClipMerge sound effect can now be customized by providing one or more sound files in the ~/Library/Application Support/LaunchBar/Sounds/ClipMerge folder. If this folder contains more than one sound file, the sound effect will be chosen randomly.

I wouldn’t necessarily want sounds for any DEVONthink actions chosen randomly like that but being able to store/use sound files for those actions in ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Sounds would be a more preferable and permanent solution than making changes in the application bundle after every update.